Growing up, I was not around my family. Being geographically separated from my family is the
catalyst for my work; it is why I see what I see. Still family inspires and influences me to be who
I am. I am Puerto Rican but I was born in the States. I lived a short time in Philadelphia until my
parents decided to move away from the inner city to give my sister and myself a better
environment to grow up in. From that time until now my friends have filled that void of missing
family or not having family constantly around me.


This time had a transformative influence on my personality and how I value those around me. I
might not be around family but things that might remind me of them are things that I notice in
other people. My project Void is made up of images of these moments that stand out to me,
when I’m hanging out with my friends and I don’t understand why in certain moments I feel the
way I do. During my edit process I start to think about why I took a certain image and then
discover there is some distant connection to what things I’ve learned from my family. These are
the things that influence me to take a photograph and the signs I am constantly on the look out
for, my family and sense of connection shown through the lens of my present life and friends.